As an international review of the UK’s REF begins even before the assessment panels have done their work, has the exercise’s reliance on rereading published papers finally had its day? Might it be time for metrics? Or something else entirely? Jack Grove looks around the world for options  

                                                                      Much of the language now used by universities feels like a kind of literary lockjaw that is too dull even to poke fun at. Joe Moran considers the causes and disastrous consequences

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                                                                      Block grants need to be divided up, but UK research quality does not depend on a regular national audit

                                                                      The Iranian-American academic, who explores the experience of life split between two cultures in Hyphen, on the politics of punctuation

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                                                                        Emerging Economies Summit

                                                                        Dubai, United Arab Emirates

                                                                        Inspiring transformation

                                                                        This summit will bring together leaders from across the world to set the agenda for the future of higher education in emerging economies. It will also feature the exclusive launch and analysis of the THE Emerging Economies University Rankings 2022.

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                                                                        Leadership & Management Summit

                                                                        Restore, reset, rebuild

                                                                        The pandemic has forced university leadership to address long-standing issues in their management and structures. This online summit will challenge the current practices of university leadership, and will feature the reveal of the THE World Reputation Rankings 2021.

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                                                                        Teaching Excellence Summit

                                                                        Tianjin, China

                                                                        Building knowledge, transforming skills

                                                                        To raise teaching standards in China and beyond, this summit will explore the latest innovative methods and best teaching practices from around the globe, as well as the crucial role that universities play in preparing graduates for the fourth industrial revolution.

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